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Come and share your story with us at True Ink Studio while we cater the truly best tattoo designs for you.




From minimal tattoos to realistic tattoos to sleeve tattoos, we aim to provide a joyous experience of finesse tattooing.

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An honest and truthful experience of piercings with high quality supplies that ensure a hygienic and fun piercing experience.

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Laser Removal

Erasing ink, embracing change. Laser tattoo removal for a fresh start.

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Jeffry D’souza Founder
Priyanka Dsouza Co-Founder
Dharmesh Vanjara Artist
Adarsh Surve Artist
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client review

ISHIKA MAHAJAN - Everyone at True Ink is really polite. professional, and the studio has such a nice vibe. You can trust them, and they're super helpful with all your tattoo concerns. Highly recommended!

client review

ANUSHKA MITRA - Great hospitality, made me feel like @ home! Ambience is great to get inked in, and happy with the end product, my tattoo which was done with a lot of care and finesse! Absolute fantastic experience! Highly recommend you.

client review

EUNICE D'SOUZA - Absolutely loved the piercings I got! The whole team is very welcoming and the cleanliness is up to the mark.


Can I wax or shave after getting a tattoo?

Wait until the tattooed area is completely healed. You will have to wait an average of 4 to 6 weeks after you get the tattoo, before you can get waxed on the area.

Can I consume alcohol before or after a tattoo?

Alcohol thins your blood, which can make the tattooing process trickier for your artist, and could worsen the healing process. Excess blood while you are being tattooed could mean more ink gets pushed out of your skin, leaving you with a faded tattoo.

What do I consider when getting my first tattoo?

Find the right artist and style of tattoo for you. Always have the finished outcome as mock up on your skin before the tattoo artist gets to ink you. Budget should be the last priority as tattoos are a lifetime investment.

Can I get a tattoo if I'm sick and or on medication?

The risk of infection is heightened when you're sick, and you pose the risk of infecting those around you. For all these reasons, we recommend waiting until you feel better before you go out and get your tattoo.